Monday, January 9, 2012

"Show off & Win Big Prize" (EXPIRED) Activity Tutorial

How to win the prize?
(Have no idea about what this is? Check our Activity Page)

1. "Like" our Facebook Page. (If you're not a fan of our page.)

2.       Customer >> Post a photo of the product you bought on Everbuying to our Facebook Page wall.
             1) If you were already a customer of Everbuying, please log in our site first.
             2) After log in, click "My orders" at the left column, you'll see the orders you've placed on       our site, choose one to check the product you ordered, and post it's photo (you can take the photo by yourself, and you'll surely get more likes if you do so) and link to our Page Wall

Page Fans >> Pick a product on Everbuying, post it’s photo and the reason why you like it to our Facebook Page Wall.
       1) If you were only a fan of Everbuying Facebook Page, please visit our site Everbuying first.
       2) Browse our website to find a product that catch your heart, post it's photo and link to our Page Wall

3.       Invite your friends to “Like” your photo.
       After your photo is successfully uploaded, click the photo posted by you on the page
     A new page will be opened, copy the link and share it to your friends, ask them to visit it and click the "like"

4.       We’ll rank all the photos according to number of “like”. (The “likes” in a reshared post will not be counted)

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